This. So much.

Magic mile three :)

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Ran 6 this morning. It was good to get back out there this week. I’ve been disappointed that my times aren’t as low as I would like, but I just have to keep at it. Marathon in 99 days.

We lost power today for a few hours. I started to panic thinking about my groceries in the refrigerator, but its back on now so no worries. Also, I had delicious shrimp stir fry for lunch that I made. Earlier this week I even made filet mignon for dinner! It was soooo good I might do it again this week. Or both. I really like shrimp.

The cat is sleeping and I am reading to try and win my library’s summer reading contest. Its a gorgeous day today & I am so happy. :)

Ran today! 19 minutes in the rainy grey morning. I’m hoping that this helps me get back on track to be at a healthier weight. I am trying to get into the habit of getting back out there.

In other news, I got some awesome bracelets yesterday. I don’t know why, but recently I’ve been buying lots of cute bracelets. They have some really great resale stores around here that carry designer stuff, so its always tempting to go look…

Woke up today to hot air balloons over my apartment. Apparently they have a huge hot air balloon fest in august that flies over our street!

This place gets cooler every day.

Also- I am excited and scared of starting school for my masters in the fall. I have to do research and write a thesis. Not sure if that’s awesome or insane…if you have ever had the urge to write a thesis (or a scientific 75-200 page paper) please tell me how you survived. Thanks.


ohana means family. family means having your life choices questioned and your flaws pointed out to you

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*I am running the special Olympics torch run tomorrow! Approx 4 miles during work and during while I get paid, meaning its the first time I get paid to run! Lol
*I got accepted to grad school! Its gonna be great! I’m so excited …and nervous about the cost.
*I signed up for a sweet Pirate-themed half marathon for September.
*I finished all of my laundry today thank goodness!
*I am working on more self care time because work has been a tad bit stressful. I need to make some space in my head because some parts of the job never leave you, they just settle into your mind like they are moving in.
*its Thursday, which means one day closer to the weekend and closer to my graduate school open house tour!


Jenny always goes in there when she thinks we’re mad at her.
No one yelled at her.

I hate seeing her like this. We know it’s not her fault.
And I’m so tired I’m crying cause she’s scared.

Hugs for both of you! Maybe its her safe place- that she thinks of it like her bedroom or personal space for calm when in fear? I hope so.


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Good morning!

Today I got called in early, so when I got home at 5am I decided to just go for my run earlier than planned instead of try to make up my sleep. I knew I would weasel out of my run if I got back in bed. It was good - 2.56 miles. I am trying super hard to get training for the Detroit Full Marathon in October, so that I can keep up with my sister for the whole 26.2  :D

Now, breakfast and back to work for 8am…going out to dinner at a swanky italian joint tonight with my coworkers, so it’s going to be a long day! I’m just excited to have an excuse to wear my business casual attire. Adulting ftw!